DIY/decorating a coffee table

Decorating a coffee table for spring

Thought I would share how I’ve decorated my coffee table. I want you to pay close attention to the coffee table when you can see it. It’s gone through a major transformation in the last couple of weeks. These are artificial flowers from Hobby Lobby. This basket/crate I’ve had for years. It would be an easy DIY project.

The flowers are in mason jars. I left the rim but took off the lid. I like the gold showing through


I placed them the basket on a mirror which is one of my favorite ways to set up a vignette.


You can see the coffee table in this picture.


By the way, I’ve used these trays in probably every room in the house. They are one of my decorating “props”. I have two of them. The other is painted white.decorating a coffee table



decorating a coffee table

God bless and have a good day.