how I created a unique backsplash for my laundry room

My hubby and I have been going through our entire house and updating it. We are penny pinchers and so I really had to get creative.

We painted my laundry room a wonderful seafoam color but seeing as I use the laundry tub for things I shouldn’t instead of going downstairs and using the ones in the basement, I knew I needed something to protect the wall from paint splatters. I could go to the basement and use the laundry tubs there, but who wants to do that when there’s a place much more convenient?  Anyway……… Here’s a before pic.

2014-03-27 LAUNDRY ROOM 007

Sorry for such a blurry, poor quality picture. The rest are better, but  you can still get the idea.

It was dark and boring. My favorite color is a seafoamy greeny blue. Because the rest of the main floor is in neutral I wondered if I could get away with using a color in this room and and in the bathroom. I decided that because I kept the laundry room door closed most of the time (for various reasons every woman understands), I could.

But then I had to mix up the color because I was determined not to buy more paint. I had a darker version of this color in a spare bedroom.


2014-03-27 LAUNDRY ROOM 010

Now for the backsplash.

I thought of all kinds of ideas but when my hubby and I were at Home Depot we walked by the plexiglass and, Bingo! That will keep the walls clean when I’m cleaning up my painting supplies. But then I thought, “That’s not too creative.

What to do?


Ah, hah!


I’ll paint the backs of the plexiglass in a different color. Hmmmmm, that’s good but not great.

Hmmmm, I thought again.


Plexiglass and Contac paper. Now, we’re getting somewhere but where exactly?

As luck would have it I was in the garage later and spotted my gold metallic spray paint. Getting closer to something unique. Ok. I’m liking the Contac paper. I’m liking the gold paint. I already have the plexiglass. How can I uniquely put them all together?

Now what? Yea!  Creativity struck again.

aha moment
aha moment

I gathered up some different size circle items and traced various sized of circles on the Contac paper.   LAUNDRY ROOM  (4)

Then I cut them out. As you can see I used printed paper because I was going to paint it anyway.

Next I stuck them randomly them on the side of the plexiglass that was going to be next to the wall. Then, I spray painted the side the circles were stuck on. Oh, I forgot to mention, I made sure some of the circles went “off” the glass. It’s much more artistic.

When the gold was dry, I carefully peeled off the circles. It wasn’t perfect, but again, I’m going for artistic.

When I attached them to the wall, the circles showed as blue, of course. Pretty cool, huh?


I was able to get rid of the yellow stain with lots of hard work and bleach. This is why my hubby would prefer I use the laundry tubs in the basement!

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