serendipitous moments


Short post today. Cleaning  a room and ran across some notes I wrote on a scrap of paper. Almost threw it away but then thought, “Hey, why not post it.?”

“Sometimes depression takes hold of us because because we have a gift or talent that we let lay dormant. We feel we’ll seem prideful if we lay claim to it. We worry what people will think if we pursue it.  All the while the way to crawl out of our pit is to grab hold of that gift and use it instead of letting it dangle in front of us.

Why are we so afraid to reach our and grasp what is good for us and what is meant for us?

And then another sentence, totally unrelated, scribbled on the bottom of the page.

“We don’t always have to be the “healing” force in our relationships nor do we have to be the healing force in other people’s relationships either.”

Wonder what I was thinking about that day. I know that God often speaks to me through such serendipitous happenings. Don’t overlook the creative voice of God in your life.

God bless.

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