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So what should be the best response to Good Friday?

So what should be the best response to Good Friday?(I had the third in a series of posts about clutter scheduled today but I am replacing it with this. I woke up and felt the weight of this day.)

I don’t know how anyone else should respond to Good Friday;   I only know about me.

I woke up this morning and decided to lie in bed a few minutes to reflect on Good Friday.

What must Jesus have been feeling as he walked the Via Dolorosa, as He looked at the people along the way, some jeering, some not? He must have been heartbroken about the first but comforted by the second.

I can’t even imagine.

How hot was it that day?

Was it sunny?

Was there a gentle breeze or none at all?

I find that when I try to comprehend today and the next two, I have mixed emotions.

A part of me wants to understand it. Another part of me feels like I shouldn’t get too close or I will disintegrate in the majesty and mystery of it all. It’s way beyond me.

It feels almost too sacred to “look” at. Like if I do the mystery might be revealed and it would overwhelm me. I know that my mind can only take me so far because there is no way anyone’s mind can comprehend the Trinity.

And, make no mistake, it was the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit heading to that cross on Good Friday. How that all played out on the cross, I don’t have clue. But neither does anyone else. (Yes, the Holy Spirit came upon man at Pentecost but He existed since the beginning of time.)

None of us will ever comprehend the Love that hung on the cross that day. We get glimpses of it now and overall but it’s pretty much unfathomable.

I like to try to imagine myself as a participant in many of the stories of the Bible. I find it really helps me understand. But try as I might, I can’t with this one.

And I don’t want to.

I only know that that it was an incredible, all-consuming love that brought Jesus to that road that day, up that hill, and to that cross.

So what should my response be?

I don’t think it’s complicated. Complex, yes, but not complicated.

The same love that put one foot in front of the other requires me to do the same. I am to love others for their good, not in some sloppy sentimental way that only makes me feel virtuous but that does nothing for the good of another person.

You see, the Jesus that walked that road was as stern as He was loving. He expected change as much as gave forgiveness. He never cajoled or talked anyone into faith. He had no tolerance for injustice. This was not a weak, simpering person who carried that cross.

We serve a strong and mighty Triune God. We serve a God for whom the cross was a blessing not a curse. We serve a God who chose to walk up that hill. (Surely, we all understand He could have simply walked away at any moment.)

I hope you take time today to think about that sacrifice and how it should impact you.

That’s what I’m doing.

God bless.



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