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Some news for the summer and a request

I have some news and a request.

I am suspending the regular Saturday newsletter for a while. I didn’t realize it but most of you are getting my posts automatically via e-mail, so a newsletter seems redundant. However, I might send one out occasionally with news about book offers. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to get those sent just to those who request them.Also, I will be posting twice weekly for the summer. That’s for your benefit and mine. The posts, however, will probably be longer, though.

Finally, I have a request. I would love for three of four of you to agree to be my beta readers for future books. This would mean I would send you about twenty pages for you to read and then have you just give me your general feedback, no more than two or three paragraphs. No editing at all.

I hope to get this next book to my publisher the first of July. I am editing it now and this is the first book you would be reading. It is a non-fiction as well and addresses finding God’s call on our lives. I will be at our cabin for ten days starting on Monday and we don’t have the internet. You will receive an e-book copy of this book at

If you are interested would you please sent me an e-mail at and put “beta reader” in the subject line? I will get back to you as soon as I get home.

Blessings to all of you.