Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

Here’s how I made it. First of all, I had the wood in the garage. My husband has been telling me to use it up so I came up with these signs.

I didn’t cut the wood or anything. I used it at the length it was and just made it all work.

I just finished a regime of Prednisone in the hopes it will reduce the inflammation in my feet. So, I’ve had more energy than I know what to do with. So I’ve been busy making autumnal signs for myself and friends and family.

So the first two turned out good.

Here’s my “Gather” sign.


First of all, I painted the board black with spray paint. Forgot to take a picture but surely anyone can understand what I did.

I found the letters I used at a garage sale. I have four different fonts. However, I don’t like the “t” at all. But I used what I had because, remember, I was creating at warp speed.

Next, I traced some letters onto the right side of Contac Paper. If you don’t do it on the right side, you will have problems. And even if you do, you might. Wait till you see my big “boo-boo” later. Then I stuck down the letters. Make sure the edges are really secure.



Spray paint the board  black. If you were going to reverse the colors you would paint it black first and then orange. The first color you paint is the color the letters will be.



Before the paint was dry, I took a sharp knife (tweezers or a straight edge razor would work as well.) to lift up a spot on each letter so I could peel it off. Then I sanded over everything. The paint wasn’t completely dry so the sandpaper picked up some wet paint so when I went over the board, some of the black paint was left on the orange letters. What should’ve been a problem, turned out to add some dimension.


Get busy and make some signs this week. They are ridiculously easy.

I showed my friends and said, “Hey, would you like one?” Of course, they said yes.

So I carefully cut out the letters, applied them to the board. Checked it over to make sure everything was right and then spray painted it.

Here’s what it looked like.

 DIY/homemade signs

Seriously, can you believe it? I sent a picture to her so she could have a good laugh as well. She did.

(In case you didn’t see it (after all, I didn’t), the “a” is backward and the “e” is upside down.)

So, of course, I repainted it and am waiting for it to get a little cooler (it’s been really hot here in West Michigan for the last couple of days) so I can finish it.

That’s why the most crucial part of this project is making sure you trace the letters the right way on the Contac paper. I hadn’t checked it ahead of time. I mean I had just made mine with no problem. I got a little overconfident.

You just gotta’ laugh at yourself some days.


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