More Christmas gifts and home decorations

I’ve had these three Santa faces for years. I’ve use them all kinds of ways but always felt they lacked the impact I wanted them to have. So-o-o-o-o, because this has been a “pallet” year, I thought why not mount them all together and hang them on the wall. I added the burlap bow to kind of finish it of. I like all the neutral, subdued colors.

Below is the finished product.  I really, really, (did I already say really?), like how it turned out. Took me about, um, five minutes. Just the kind of project I like especially after all the intensive projects I had been doing.








This isn’t a gift but I like how this looked this year.


How cute is this snowman. My friend made it for me a few years ago. No pattern. Pretty impressive, huh? He’s paper maiche and a little belly heavy. His leg broke a few years ago and I’ve been keeping it together with masking tape. My husband saw my make-shift “splint” so he did surgery and inserted a screw. The only new Christmas decoration I bought this year was the white twig tree. I can see me making these in the future.


The trees below are cones I covered with yarn. I love them. I think I’ve mentioned before I love making them. Must have about thirty scattered throughout the house. You can changed the height by putting them on candleholders, books etc,

Here are some more trees. I made the cones for these tress. The snowman you saw earlier is on the top level of the Secretary next to this display.



PS  More pictures coming tomorrow.

PPS or is it PSS? Anyway, if you’re bored New Year’s Day and you want some distraction be sure to see my post that will be submitted at 11:00 EST. It’s my first slide show.  Or should I say slide shows? They’re a number of them. I was really on a roll.