Yea, New Year’s Resolutions in place. Read on.

Makes me smile
Makes me smile

I told you in January that I love that month because it gives me a chance to reflect and plan for the future. I had a list of areas I was concentrating on.

I compiled a list of categories.. It was kind of interesting because just the act of making the list was really helpful. I didn’t purposefully keep the list in front of me but as the month progressed, I found myself often being reminded of what I’d written. I kind of let the wisdom find me instead of me actively seeking it.

Then there were some circumstances that occurred that gave me answers the hard way. Here is the list. In italics is what I came I finally decided on.


  • Do I need to spend more time on the things I enjoy doing? Yes, I do.  I will take time every week to do something creative or just that I enjoy doing, whether it’s art work, some creative project,  even just straightening up my “stuff”.  The key will be the “enjoying” part.

Mental Health

  • Need to handle stress better I will do this by continuing to exercise at least five days a week. On days I feel under stress, I will be careful how much caffeine I consume.
  • Think through responsibility. Because I have a tendency to take on responsiblity that isn’t mine, I will actively seek to think through issues before I jump in.  
  • Use words more accurately.  I don’t like myself when I react to certain nuances in a defensive matter. I also don’t like it when I don’t say what I mean. Will work on expressing myself with kindness and honesty.
  •  I will try to avoid inflammatory speech. I will avoid the use of negative adjectives when referring to anyone. I will try to monitor my speech with these three questions: Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? (Although once I really thought about it, I realized that not these questions can be answered “Yes” for all circumstances. Sometimes we have to say what is necessary and it may not be perceived as true or kind. )

 Health and Beauty

  • Anything needing change? Think I’m good here. I’ve already begun reducing the sugar in my diet. I cut my hair shorter so I won’t resort to pony tails all the time. I continue to exercise. I put on my “face” every day anyway so I think I’m good here. Yea!

Spiritual Life

  • Prayer  I will learn to pray more specifically. On days that are crowded from morning till night and I have no opportunity for my usual specified hour with God, I will BE the prayer and I won’t get hung up about it. After all, if God has given me people to care for that take up my time, I guess that’s His call.
  •  I will continue to read about hearing God’s voice.
  • Reflection More and more I will take time for reflection during my morning time with God. 
  • Bible I will continue my reading habits but need to think more about what I’m reading.


  • Am I frugal enough? Just because I shop thrift shops and garage sales doesn’t mean I can buy more. I will think through each purchase more carefully. I will continue to clean out and donate the excess.


  • Are there any that need changing or improving? My biggest challenge is here. I will continually evaluate my role as wife, mother, daughter, in-law, friend, etc. I will take responsibility for my part at all times but I will not take more than is rightfully mine. I will agree when I can and will be honest when it’s necessary.


Any changes needed? I think I’m doing pretty good here. But this next year I will work harder at keeping the changes I’ve already made. I do need to figure out a better job for organizing “works in progress”.


  • Change the name? Have done that and feel good about it.
  • Combine them? Ditto
  • Buy the upgrade? Already did and wished I done it sooner. Having “live chat” has been such a blessing.
  • Master all the technical ins and outs.  My goal for next year is to learn some HTMl and take better pictures.
  • Am I blogging often enough?  This is a hard one. I dont’ want to blog every day if I’m feeling compelled to. But if I find myself blogging every day that’s ok, too.
  • Is my blog reflecting who I am, warts and all?  I think it is. Now, that I’ve combined them I think my menu headings give a more comprehensive view of me, my life, and my beliefs.
  • Am I honest? I think at times I’ve held back because I’m aware of those who could be reading what I write. I was surprised to find out some people I know were following my blog. I guess I assumed it would mostly be people I’ll never meet. I’ve since decided to ignore this fact and write from the heart. If I ever feel I’m pinpointing anyone, I will quit. That’s not the purpose of this blog.