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How God spoke and changed my mind



(The powers that be say that posting on a Sunday is a waste of time. I hope not but even if it is and no one reads this at all, God will have been given the glory and I’m good with that. But maybe there are some people like me this morning who slept in and didn’t go to church who will stop by and see this.)

My last two posts have centered around decision-making and regrets. Yesterday the point of the post was, “I am torn but I’m not undecided.” That is still true today, however, the circumstances are now one hundred eighty degrees different.

As of yesterday, I was heading to Canada with my husband. He was going to work and I was going along for the ride so he wouldn’t have such a long drive by himself.

As you know from the last two pots, my uncle is currently on life support. My mother and my uncle were very close. Yesterday I kept praying for God to give me a definite sign if I should reconsider the trip and stay home. (I should mention, my brother lives with my mom.) But yesterday we learned that the life support will be my removed tomorrow, and death will either be immediate or soon thereafter. We stopped by my mom’s after running some errands and I only had to look at her face to have my answer. 

God is like that. He promises wisdom if and when we ask. But we have to know that and only way we know that is to know what His word teaches. My daily Bible reading includes a Proverbs. So reading through the book of Proverbs every month has instilled in my mind that God promises wisdom. I read Proverbs as an additional component during my devotions because it’s such a common-sense book. And considering the world we live in is in short supply of common sense  (as am I some days), it keeps me grounded.

So yesterday I knew I was hearing from God. It was an easy decision after that. My hubby and I decided he would go without me and stop by my daughter’s house to break up the trip. I had dinner with my mom and I could tell how grateful and relieved she was. She didn’t have to say anything at all.

Then the frosting on the cake this morning. I slept in and didn’t go to church so I watched Andy Stanley on TV and he made this statement in regards to making decisions. 

“What would bring the most honor to God?”. Youza! An affirmation. God had done it again. Showed up exactly at the right time. If I could list all the times just in the past year God has given me specific instruction and affirmation through the most unusual ways, it would take pages and pages.

I can still say today, “I am torn, but not undecided.” I am at peace. I wish I could have gone. I miss my hubby already. (He traveled internationally for years and was gone two weeks every month so we’ve had enough being apart. 🙂 ) We were looking forward to time just to ourselves with no interruptions, no demands. 

But we both know this is how God directed. I wouldn’t trade anything for knowing God is smiling at our choice today, for knowing I am totally walking in God’s will.  (I have written about putting a smile on God’s face ((or a frown)) often because I believe Scripture clearly teaches God feels emotions. All you have to do is read the Old Testament and you will be convinced.) 

Remember, God always directs His children but we have to recognize His voice. There are some counterfeits out there.

God bless and I hope you have a good day. 

ps. Be on the alert for tomorrow’s post. It’s the hardest one I’ve ever written.


6 thoughts on “How God spoke and changed my mind”

  1. Try this again, my phone was logged in to a organization I web designed for.

    I have been following you from my old blog, and the new one I now have as a start over in Life. I have always loved reading your stuff. We have shared a lot on the depression end. I want to thank you for this post. I am sorry to hear of your loss, I do believe god has plans for everyone and that was his plan to not see him suffer.
    I will be honest when my dad passed I didn’t believe in god after that. Until my suicide attempt, where an out of body experience of sitting between a hospital table and heaven with my dad telling me I couldn’t stay and it wasn’t my time, that god had bigger plans. While I still don’t know what that is even a year later, since late of last week finding out Im having seizures and stuck home, unable to drive a minimum of 6 months. I tell myself even this was gods plan for a reason unknown.

    Sorry to ramble on.

    Keep on keeping on, you are and inspiration

    1. I certainly believe your experience was genuine. God often uses dreams to reveal Himself to us. It’s very scriptual. I’m so sorry to hear about your seizures but six months will go by fast. Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes I get frustrated with blogging and the “politics” of numbers, but I plug on. I just want people to know that depression doesn’t have to defeat them. It IS possible to get better and stay better. Anyway, God bless and have a good day.

    1. Thanks so much. God bless. He is so good. Yesterday was a day of God speaking so loud, I had to turn down the volume.:)

  2. Beautiful testimony of your daily following and seeking of God’s will – and how He guided you to make the right decision. I know, from scriptures as well, that your obedience in not only seeking but doing will be blessed. I also like how you read Proverbs each month – very good idea – as Proverbs is a wealth of wisdom that we all so need these – and all – days. I’ve decided to do the same. Thanks for posting on Sunday…..God bless you!

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